Empower Makers

Empower Makers

Skills for
the Future

Enable 10 million creators and makers to thrive in a changing world.

Industrial and technological innovations are rapidly changing the nature of work and jobs.

Globally 10 million jobs in manufacturing remain unfilled due to gaps in skills. We recognize that our own workers, as well as those in the communities where we live and work, will require education, learning, upskilling and experience to ensure they can thrive in this new context. We are committed to helping employees and people of the world gain the skills and expertise needed to secure jobs and revitalize communities.

2030 Goals

Employee Career Mobility

Prepare employees for career mobility relevant for Industry 4.0 by supporting their upskilling and re-purposing.

STEAM Education

Enable people to access STEAM education and training to improve livelihoods and help support the workforce of tomorrow.

Vocational and Trade Skills

Help people develop cutting-edge vocational and trade skills.

Makerspace Training

Enrich the education, creativity and hands-on job experience for people through makerspaces around the world.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Maker Month

Join us as we empower makers and the world! Maker Month is celebrated throughout October and invites the next generation of makers and builders to participate in activities that will spark their curiosity. Click here to learn more

Maker Month is how we’re working to empower creators and makers to thrive in a changing world. Be part of the change!

Stanley Black & Decker Opens Makerspace in Towson

Stanley Black & Decker launched our first homegrown makerspace in 2017 near our Towson, Maryland, corporate campus. The workshop is outfitted with the tools necessary to accelerate prototyping, while giving our employees a space for equipment training, team building, hackathons, project work and more. Thousands of our employees have been upskilled on the wide-ranging equipment the space offers, supporting our culture of hands-on making and innovating. Click here to learn more

Stanley Black & Decker has already partnered with local universities to develop a curriculum, framework and toolset for future Makerspaces and to offer a space for students and faculty to work on research projects.


By committing to support the maker movement around the world, we are looking to enrich the education, creativity and hands-on experience of curious and inventive people in their efforts to bring better solutions to light. We support nonprofit makerspaces and maker fairs with our time, our tools and direct financial support, and also support in-school, extracurricular and out-of-school programs that bring innovation to life and enhance student learning in new ways. We are a Global Partner of WorldSkills, helping to inspire thousands of young people from all over the world in skill competitions including carpentry, automobile technology, cabinetmaking, concrete construction work, joinery, landscape gardening, mobile robotics, and more.

WorldSkills is showcasing the value of skills and raising the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide.

Maryland Delaware Rocket Association and Stanley Black & Decker Set Guinness World Record

The Maryland Delaware Rocket Association (MDRA) and Stanley Black & Decker set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest scale model rocket – a 64.75-foot tall, 700-pound replica of the 1961 Mercury-Redstone rocket that launched the first astronauts to the moon. The rocket, which was engineered, designed and built at Stanley Black & Decker’s makerspace in Towson, Maryland, was successfully launched on Sunday, April 8, in Price, Maryland. The rocket reached a height of 0.5 miles before safely parachuting back down to the ground. Click here to learn more

The Maryland Delaware Rocket Association and its members inspire a whole new generation of rocket scientists through the setting of this Guinness World Record.