Innovate with Purpose

Innovate with Purpose

Value Beyond Profits

Innovating our products to enhance the lives of 500 million people and improve environmental impacts.

Global sustainable development challenges remain profound, with one in five people living in extreme poverty and 40% of the global population affected by water scarcity serving as jarring examples.

We make products and service that help create and shape the world, and have the ability to partner even more broadly to create new solutions to meet global societal needs. Matching social impact to our business presents new and exciting commercial opportunities. Through our work, we aim to improve the positive, societal impacts of our products across their lifecycle, including design, use and end of life.

2030 Goals

Addressing Unmet Societal Needs

Deliver "innovation with purpose" projects, which address unmet societal needs, improve the lives of 500 million people, and contribute 10% of SBD revenue.

Circular Design

Design products for circularity across material selection, use and end of life considerations.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Source raw materials, finished goods, components and services from suppliers that meet environmental and social sustainability criteria; reduce supply chain emissions by 35% by 2030, based on a 2017 baseline. Complete CDP Supply Chain Climate Change assessments for 80% of our supplier spend by 2020.

New Business Models

Decouple revenue from resource use by increasing the share of revenue from services vs. products.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals


We are piloting an eco-friendly, low cost solar-powered water pump in India. This product-based innovation drives social good, helping to alleviate poverty and hunger in areas that have little or no access to the electrical grid. Improved irrigation is allowing farmers to boost yields and farm income from high value crops.

The direct current (DC) pumps run on batteries charged by solar panels. They are replacing both diesel pumps (polluting, relatively expensive to run, hard to maintain) and, where the electrical grid extends, alternating current (AC) pumps which run on government-subsidized electricity. In rural areas, the grid is not robust or reliable. Typically, the power comes on at any moment without warning, day or night, for an hour or two, and that is the only time the farmer has to operate any machinery, including water pumps. Farming families attach a light bulb to the powerlines and keep watch to know when the power comes on.

This profound but simple change will have multiple, concentric effects, leading to the embrace and spread of mechanical, electrical and digital means of transforming how food is grown and how the people who grow it live.

Left: Solar panels provide energy for the pump to operate.
Right: Water being pumped into a basin.

Dura-Glide GreenStar, an energy efficient sliding automatic door from STANLEY Access Technologies, meets stringent air infiltration testing standards to help businesses save on average over $500* per door/per year in heating and cooling costs.

*Reducing 6' opening to 4' on typical 14' bi-part for 90 days summer and 90 days winter, 1500 cycles/day.

The latest innovation in sustainability and energy savings from STANLEY Access Technologies: The Dura-Glide GreenStar Automatic Slide Door.

Our hand tools team team identified that tradespeople using snips often suffer with carpel tunnel syndrome and designed a family of DEWALT Aviation Snips that require 15% less muscle energy* than our competitors and our prior generation of snips. This reduction in muscle energy during use reduces the risk of ergonomic injury for our users.

**DWHT14673 compared to DWHT70280 / DWHT14674 compared to DWHT70281 / DWHT14675 compared to DWHT70279 / DWHT14676 compared to DWHT70278/AND compared to leading competitors.

DEWALT? Ergonomic Aviation Snips: More Cuts. Less Effort.

The 6" and 9" BREAKAWAY? Blades have a BREAKAWAY? feature that allows the user to remove the used section of the blade and then reinsert the unused section back into the saw. Taking blade life, speed of cut, and material usage in aggregate, the BREAKAWAY? Blades end up performing two times better than our traditional blade offerings.

DEWALT? BREAKAWAY? Blade: It’s like getting two blades in one.

Fueled by electric power, Black+Decker equipment delivers the power you need without harmful gas emissions.

One hour of using a gasoline-powered lawnmower is equivalent to 40 hours of driving a car. Black + Decker has a solution to help you make the switch to having a zero emissions yard.


STANLEY Engineered Fastening collaborates with its automaker customers to develop joining technologies and systems designed for lighter, thinner materials. Such lightweighting innovations create greener cars, as does our use of recycled plastic in our piping clips to deliver further ECOSMART? advantages.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening provides a total system - from unique and custom fasteners to the systems and tools that assemble them - all to maximize customer productivity, minimize costs and contribute to ECOSMART? performance.


DEWALT’s PERFORM & PROTECT? line of tools and accessories provide a high level of one or more of the following: dust containment, control or low vibration, without sacrificing performance.



ECOSMART? emphasizes our company-wide sustainability efforts both internally and to the public. Our product development processes across all businesses are being retooled to provide increased focus on early identification of product sustainability opportunities that can be addressed during the design phase. These process enhancements will help ensure that every product is considered through an ECOSMART? lens during development.

Additionally, we are continuously keeping our innovation teams aware of the latest sustainability trends and issues so they can develop solutions that proactively address society's needs. One of our innovation teams based in Silicon Valley will not even consider a project unless it has purpose, meaning the opportunity helps advance a social and/or environmental mission, improving the lives of others.